— GENEZZIA was born out of a desire to help women

GENEZZÍA is committed to being a channel that shares the concept of collective beauty.  « Being beautiful and being part of beautifying the lives of others ! » . Promoting the birth of new babies, especially among women with low incomes. Helping women give birth in better physiological and environmental conditions, an ingrained objective.

This goal is achieved, among various other measures, by collaborating with the interveners who work with families living in a vulnerable context.

We believe that women are precious, bearers of life, givers of love, gracious, fighting, daring, virtuous, wise, beautiful, wonderful, courageous.

This is why, in November 2020, GENEZZÍA is got involved with The Fondation Olo in Canada to help pregnant and low-income women in their need to eat well during their pregnancy to ensure the birth of a healthy baby.


Our thoughts

Legitimately, we define ourselves first of all by the image that an ice mirror reflects : individual beauty.

Based on this fact, we therefore seek to find women in their universe of beauty, to use their beauty language in order to conceive together, a beauty that goes beyond an ice mirror : Collective Beauty.

We believe that beauty is not limited to looking at oneself in front of a mirror of ice, but goes as far as looking at oneself in front of people who need support.

GENEZZÍA is committed to being a channel that allows us to see the expression of beauty, not through a mirror, but through people that surround us.