Blak Diamond Liquid Lip — Es 43:4


Choose the color of your Blak Diamond Liquid Lip

For glossy, shiny lips with a light tint.
Our Blak Diamond Liquid Lip is a must-have in our range, for a glittery finish that enhances all lips.

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This is the extra touch that gives the graceful look.
The perfect gift that will wrap your lips with irresistible color and a sparkling finish.

The finishing touch to your most audacious makeup.
Great gift idea for makeup fans looking for an original all-in-one product that fits all lipstick shades.

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Although it can be worn alone on bare lips for total glamour, our Blak Diamond Liquid Lip takes Matte Liquid Lipstick to another level of glam !

Intensify the shine of your smile by adding a touch of its glitter to the center of your lips to create a festive look with iridescent shades and a shimmering glow.

Need more effect ? Select the shade that matches your skin tone and apply a small amount to a small area of your hand.Warm the product between your hands to release the glitter and tap it on your cheekbones or clavicles for dazzling and sparkling !

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Weight 34 g
Dimensions 4 × 0.8 × 0.8 cm
Choose the color of your Blak Diamond Liquid Lip

Kataluma, Malka, Metanoia, Zeo, Exousia